1. When someone tries to hand me their snotty tissue


    Are you tryna spread ebola? ‘Cause that’s how you get ebola.


  2. Walking through the airport in uniform for the first time in 5 months


  3. What it has felt like to work in the office all summer


  4. Two hours of dispatch, ops, and CBP arguing about us clearing customs on a diversion


    I spent nine hours with the same group of passengers yesterday.  It’s time for a new job.


  5. Calling up front to find out what number for takeoff we are in LGA


  6. Every time I try to make jokes over the PA


    No one ever laughs.


  7. Going back to the hotel after dinner out


  8. Getting an overnight in my home town and hanging out with old friends


  9. How I’m spending all my days off


  10. Recurrent 2014